Repair or Upgrade Your Rosary

Do you have a rosary that is broken or worn out/rusted, and you want it repaired to look brand new?

Be it a chained, stringed or customized rosary, hit us up and we will see what can be done to save it!

Here is an example of our repair service completed:

Client’s rosary was initially made with faux leather cord that lost its form after some time, now repaired and upgraded with a black nylon cord and neat & securely tied knots.

Fill in the following form and upload a picture of your item to be repaired or upgraded. We will reach out with the suggested materials and quote of service.

    Gratia Sponsorship Program

    Are you looking for a gift for your parish ministry group (youth, campus, young adult, family life etc.), prayer group, or bible study group?

    Whether it is for a token of appreciation or as prizes for your programs/activities, you are most welcomed to apply for Gratia’s sponsorship program!

    Stand a chance to get our products for free (postage excluded) or at 10% off!

    It is recommended that all applications are to be submitted 1 month before program date, which will then be reviewed and responded to within 7 days.

    This application MUST be made by the official/elected representative of the organization or group applying for this sponsorship.

    Available within Malaysia only.

    Application Form

      Please list a few options for the product to be sponsored with the following details.

      Customized Rosary: Bead Type, Chain Type, Centrepiece, Crucifix
      Customized Car Rosary: Bead Type, Chain Type, Centrepiece, Crucifix
      Mystery Bead Rosary: Bead Type, Chain Type
      Knotted Collection: Cord Type
      DIY Kit: Bead Type, Chain Type, Centrepiece, Crucifix
      Hematite Pocket Rosary: Crucifix

      Pearl Stainless Steel Bracelet: No. of pearls
      St Pio Bracelet: Bead Type
      Pink Stone Bead Bracelet: Wrist Size, Medal

      Temporary Tattoos- Set

      The sponsorship application will only be reviewed under the following conditions.
      Note: Sponsorship approval includes full sponsorship and successful purchase at 10% off.

      Click "Submit" if you agree with the terms and conditions listed above.

      Customize An Item

      Want a Catholic item but can’t find the design on our shop page?

      Be it a rosary, chaplet, bracelet or keychain, hit us up and we will see how to make it happen!

      Here are some examples of customization service completed:

      15-decade rosary with 6mm picasso beads
      Rosary made with pearl beads sent by clients, added with centrepiece and crucifix from Gratia.

      Do note that all customization requests will be reviewed and processed with the materials needed taken into account. To ensure a high acceptance rate, you may opt for the beads, medals, chain or other materials that is readily available in our store.

      Please fill in the following form to submit your customization request: