Gratia Sponsorship Program

Are you looking for a gift for your parish ministry group (youth, campus, young adult, family life etc.), prayer group, or bible study group?

Whether it is for a token of appreciation or as prizes for your programs/activities, you are most welcomed to apply for Gratia’s sponsorship program!

Stand a chance to get our products for free (postage excluded) or at 10% off!

It is recommended that all applications are to be submitted 1 month before program date, which will then be reviewed and responded to within 7 days.

This application MUST be made by the official/elected representative of the organization or group applying for this sponsorship.

Available within Malaysia only.

Application Form

    Please list a few options for the product to be sponsored with the following details.

    Customized Rosary: Bead Type, Chain Type, Centrepiece, Crucifix
    Customized Car Rosary: Bead Type, Chain Type, Centrepiece, Crucifix
    Mystery Bead Rosary: Bead Type, Chain Type
    Knotted Collection: Cord Type
    DIY Kit: Bead Type, Chain Type, Centrepiece, Crucifix
    Hematite Pocket Rosary: Crucifix

    Pearl Stainless Steel Bracelet: No. of pearls
    St Pio Bracelet: Bead Type
    Pink Stone Bead Bracelet: Wrist Size, Medal

    Temporary Tattoos- Set

    The sponsorship application will only be reviewed under the following conditions.
    Note: Sponsorship approval includes full sponsorship and successful purchase at 10% off.

    Click "Submit" if you agree with the terms and conditions listed above.